Ontario Aboriginal Housing Services (OAHS) is requesting from our qualified proponents to design and construct affordable, modular housing in the Town of White River.

This Short Form Request for Tender (“RFT”) is an invitation to qualified proponents to submit firm quotes to provide a turn-key development including all supply and services provided in this RFT.

The complex will be developed incorporating sustainable design and construction practices to satisfy OAHS requirements and targets.

This Request for Tender is seeking a proponent with proven construction and site planning  experience and the ability to satisfactorily complete new developments on time, per the agreed  contract price and according to specifications, drawings and applicable laws.

Due to the Provincial Government stipulations in the capital funding agreement, the Proponent must be able to provide the following:

• A turn key, stipulated bid price to be submitted by Wednesday, January 27, 2021 at 4 pm.

• The type of modular construction you will be using as modular construction is a requirement to  access the funding.

• A stipulated bid price that guarantees, OAHS completion on, or before December 1, 2021. No exceptions as the Occupancy Permit of December 2021 is a funding requirement that cannot be extended.

The following are documents needed for this Request for Proposal: