OAHS Strategic Plan consists of a limited number of ‘goals’ developed under the direction of the Board of Directors with full consideration of values and real perceived barriers and opportunities.

Each goal is supported by an internal strategy that describes (at a high level) how the goal will be achieved and the measures used to track progress to completion.

As OAHS builds on successes and plans for continued growth and development, we recognize and value the leadership, effective relationships and hard work that give foundation to the Strategic Plan and place us in a position to capitalize on future opportunities.

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Goal 1

Establish policy based on community need for long-term development and delivery of urban and rural housing and related services.

Goal 2 

Achieve economic self-sufficiency.

Goal 3

Address gaps and ensure culturally appropriate, responsible integration of services within the housing continuum.

Goal 4

Ensure excellence in the provision of housing to the Indigenous community.