a) Travel Claims

  1. Travelling expenses for Officers, Directors and Staff of OAHS will be reimbursed upon submission of an authorized travel expense claim form.
  2. All travel claims must be submitted with all supporting receipts within 30 days of travel. Any claims not received by this office within 30 days will not be paid.
  3. Claims for hotel, parking, bus, rail, taxi, or airfares, must be supported by the original receipts. Accommodation allowance of $50.00 per night is allowed for use of a private residence.
  4. Incidental expenses such as tips and telephone will not be paid unless they are for OAHS business purposes only. An incidental amount of $6.00 per day is allowed without receipts.
  5. Meals will be reimbursed at the rate of $10.00 for breakfast; $13.00 for lunch; and $25.00 for supper. No receipts are required.
  6. Mileage will be paid at a rate of $ .50 per kilometre in northern Ontario and at a rate of $ .48 per kilometre in Southern Ontario. An additional $ .02 per kilometre will be paid when more than one Director is attending any meeting. The value of the mileage claimed cannot exceed the cost of airfare and ground transportation associated with air travel for the same journey.
  7. Child care costs will be reimbursed at a rate of $ 25.00 per day for OAHS Board while on OAHS business and only when accompanied by the issued receipts as expense substantiation as approved by the Executive Director.
  8. Any dispute over payment of travel claims will be discussed with the OAHS Executive Director first and then will be referred to the OAHS Executive Committee and then ultimately to the OAHS Board of Directors for discussion, should the matter not be satisfactorily resolved.

b) Employment Expenses – OAHS Staff

A travel expense claim with the appropriate receipts must be kept for reimbursement of expenses and must be kept on file. A travel advance shall be provided upon commencement of employment in the amount of $300.00.

Travel advances shall be used to cover expenses incurred on OAHS business, such as in-town expenses, travel, meals and accommodation, etc.

Approval Process – General business practise.

Employee travel expense will be approved by the employees division Manager or Managerial designate in his/her absence, or Executive Director. Managers expense claims will be approved by the Executive Director or designate in his/her absence. Executive Director Expense claims will be reviewed and approved by a member of the Management Committee.

Individual division Managers will approve staff travel within Ontario. Approval for staff or Managerial travel outside the province of Ontario must be obtained from the Executive Director. The Executive Director is to consult with the Chair for authorization to attend events outside of Canada.

No reimbursement for alcohol expense associated with travel or meal allowance will be provided.
Reimbursement for any expense that includes alcohol for a hospitality event must be pre-approved by the executive Director or Executive Committee.


The Board of Directors may establish specific policies for OAHS contracts as are necessary for the effective and efficient operation of those programmes or contracts.

Reimbursement for allowable expenses can be claimed and reimbursed only when the contract specifically provides for it.


Travel advances will be made available, upon request, to Board Members who require advances in order to attend meetings.

Each advance shall be reconciled by an Expense Claim presented before the conclusion of the meeting. The outstanding balance will be in the form of a cheque, and will be distributed immediately if possible; otherwise it will be mailed as soon as possible.