In our relentless pursuit of providing safe, affordable, and culture-based housing for urban Indigenous communities in Ontario, this year’s annual report invites you to delve into the impactful work accomplished at OAHS during the 2022-2023 fiscal year. Discover the stories of the people we serve and our team members, and explore exciting development projects.

The report showcases our achievements and outlines our aspirations for the upcoming year. While the challenges may seem daunting—facing the pressing need for safer and more affordable housing for urban Indigenous people and addressing the funding required to combat the housing and homelessness crisis—we at OAHS firmly believe in the possibility of growth and change.

Over the past five years, OAHS has undergone substantial growth, securing more funding, initiating numerous development projects, expanding our housing units, and fostering collaborations with both public and private partners. Together, we aim to provide culturally appropriate housing and support to a growing number of individuals.

Every positive action we take serves as a stepping stone toward a brighter future, not just for today but for generations to come. As you navigate through this annual report, we extend an invitation for you to join OAHS and our partners on this transformative journey. Embrace the opportunity to step into our circle, learn more about our impactful work, and discover how you can contribute to the ongoing mission of creating positive change within Indigenous communities. Your involvement is an essential part of building a better future—one that resonates today, tomorrow, and for all future generations.

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