Ontario Aboriginal Housing Services (OAHS) is requesting proposals for the design and build of an upcoming development in Dryden, Ontario.

In July of 2022, OAHS took possession of land in Dryden, Ontario with the intent to build an energy-efficient dwelling to reduce emissions in efforts to reach Canada’s net-zero goal of 2050. The proposed development is a 1-storey, estimated 800 square feet, 2-bedroom single detached dwelling. OAHS is looking to expand its development options and will use this build as a pilot project for potential future developments.

The awarded stipulated bid contract will provide:
• Schedule showing the development progression
• Engineered and Architectural drawings such as; site plan with municipal connection, building design/layout, building renderings, and specified tender prince by an allocated allowance
• Slab on grade foundation with 4-foot frost wall or alternative equal or equivalent low impact foundation system
• Wood framing or equal and equivalent modular or panelized system
• Insulation (all insulation values to meet OBC/Climate zone)
• Exterior finish (Vinyl siding, fibreglass or architectural shingling, vinyl windows, LED lights, and a 10ft by 6ft front porch)
• Interior layout (2 bedrooms, 3-piece full bathroom, and open concept living room/dining area & kitchen)
• Interior finish (Walls finished in drywall, 5mm vinyl plank flooring, LED lights, electric heat pump for heating and cooling, electric hot water on demand, and electrical include for stove)

The full proposal, specifications, and property information are included as links to attachments below.

Responses to this RFP are to be submitted by Wednesday, October 12, 2022, at 12:00 PM Noon EST in PDF format to bids@oahssc.ca.

An electronic bid submission must still be signed, and the entire proposal must be received in one email. During the proposal period, Consultants are to direct all inquiries (in email only) to Nicholas Cicchini, Urban Planner.

This RFP is also located on our website under Resources > Vendor Portal.

The following are documents needed for this Request for Tender: