Published on April 30, 2022 by the Hamilton Spectator

De dwa da dehs nye>s has received provincial funding of more than $10 million to redevelop its Hamilton-based Aboriginal Health Centre.

The Ministry of Health funding will help provide an accessible space for health-care services to meet the needs of the Indigenous community in the city, the release from De dwa da dehs nye>s said. The new site — to be called Biindigen Well-Being Centre — will be located at a yet-to-be-determined space in east Hamilton.

The current location on Main Street East, west of Sherman Avenue South, is too small to meet the community demand, leaving many on the wait-list to access primary health-care services, Pat Mandy, lead for the capital redevelopment and a board member at De dwa da dehs nye>s, told The Spectator.

At least 74 individuals in Hamilton are waiting for primary care services at the centre, of which “52 per cent have been on the waiting list for over nine months,” Naomi Samuel, a communications consultant with the organization, told The Spectator in an email.

She added that the wait-list has been paused for new individuals “to not bring on false expectations of people waiting” for primary care.

OAHS will also be partnering with De dwa da dehs nye>s on this development and will create 90-110 units on this site!

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