Published by CKDR News on May 21, 2021

The Urban Indigenous Homeward Bound program in Dryden is being hailed as a huge success.

The program is in year three of four at the old Pinewood School site.

It provides a holistic approach to Indigenous mothers trying to obtain education and find gainful employment, with easy access to housing and childcare.

One of the lead partners is the Native Friendship Centre and Executive Director Cheryl Edwards says she’s proud of what has been accomplished.

“When I think of some of these women that have come through, they have always looked at, ‘I would like to provide a better life for my child. I want to be off of a socially dependent system. They look to education and employment as part of that. Education, employment and training.”

Edwards stresses the program helps participants enhance well-being and prosperity for themselves, their children, and the community.

Edwards talks about one of the cornerstones of the program.

“Childcare in particular and not just any childcare but Indigenous-led childcare and that’s a very important part of our programming.”

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