Published on: November 1, 2019

ESPANOLA—The Manitoulin-Sudbury District Services Board (DSB) has passed a motion allowing for its CAO to negotiate a transfer and sale of the vacant land located on Water Street in Gore Bay, along with the 10-unit Woods Lane apartment social housing property, to the Ontario Aboriginal Housing Services. The move is one that Gore Bay Mayor Dan Osborne and DSB representatives feel would potentially be beneficial to the town.

“I researched this a little and I think (if the negotiations are positive) it will be a benefit to the town,” stated Gore Bay Mayor Dan Osborne after the DSB meeting last week. “I understand Ontario Aboriginal Housing Services’ priority is to take First Nations persons first, but will accept non-First Nations applications for rentals of housing spaces. Ontario Aboriginal Housing Services already own one (housing unit) in the town, on Dennis Street.”

“After a discussion at an in camera meeting, the board authorized the CAO to negotiate the transfer and sale of vacant lot on Water Street in Gore Bay and the 10-unit social housing property on 66 Meredith Street to the Ontario Aboriginal Housing Services per the terms discussed during the board’s in camera session,” stated DSB CAO Fern Dominelli following last week’s board meeting.

Mr. Dominelli noted that the OAHS “is not exempt from paying property taxes on the building, the same as DSB does. I think it (the potential sale) will be very positive for the Town of Gore Bay.”

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