Published by the Sault Star on April 24th, 2023

As we’ve navigated the challenges of the last few years, we’ve also had the chance to reflect on what truly matters. For many, the importance of an education and meaningful employment has never been clearer. And as employment pathways evolve, so does the meaning of success and how we collectively support each other and our families.

This includes members of our urban Indigenous community. At the Sault Ste. Marie Indigenous Friendship Centre (SSMIFC), one of the ways we’re navigating this evolution is through our innovative Urban Indigenous Homeward Bound (UIHB) program. It addresses barriers sole-parenting Indigenous mothers face when trying to access educational opportunities and find gainful employment. Strengthened by the efforts of our engaged community partners, the four-year program helps participants enhance wellbeing and prosperity for themselves and their children.

The key to the UIHB program’s success lies in its approach: providing clients with wrap-around services in a culture-based and trauma-informed environment, in partnership with supportive organizations in Sault Ste. Marie.

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Photo is owned by Jeffrey Ougler/The Sault Star/Post Media Network