Updated: An addendum has been made and this RFP has been extended until September 3, 2021.

Ontario Aboriginal Housing Services (OAHS) has established an open Request for Proposal for Benefits and Group Retirement Services.

OAHS is issuing this RFP to select a Broker/Consultant that will partner with us in the oversight of our Company’s Benefit, Wellness, and Retirement programs. The successful Broker/Consultant will have demonstrated a depth of expertise and proven success working with indigenous, non for profit or similar organizations in the areas of Health Benefits, Group Retirement Services and can deliver expertise in areas of:
• Benefits/Wellness plan design and benchmarking;
• Claims analysis and reporting;
• Employee advocacy and assistance;
• Employee communications;
• Client service and support;
• Technology platform provision; and
• Compliance and Risk Management.

If you are interested in applying for this RFP, please read from the link below. Any questions related to his proposal, or communications in regard to this proposal must be through the OAHS HR Manager, Racheal Spina only; but, the actual RFP response shall be sent only to bids@oahssc.ca. Communications regarding this RFP with any other OAHS staff or its agents will result in the proponent’s disqualification from this process. Racheal’s contact information is:
705-256-1876 ext. 227

For more information, click here. See addendum here.