Ontario Aboriginal Housing Services (OAHS) is requesting proposals for consulting, detailed design, site plan and engineering services for design and development in Thunder Bay.

In February of 2022, OAHS took possession of vacant, green field property located at 1040 Huron Avenue in Thunder Bay, Ontario. The intent of this development is to build 70 affordable housing units. The site will consist of six buildings in total, 5 of which will be 3 stories with 12 units and 1 building with 3 stories with 10 units.

The Project generally includes:
• 70-unit multi-family housing complex development consisting of six buildings in total. Five of which will be 3-stories with 12 units total and 1 building will be 3-stories with 10 units total.
• Units will be approximately 800 sq ft.
• Civil/roadworks/parking for residence and support service staffing
• Site services (electrical power, water, storm water, natural gas, etc.)
• Single power and heat source
• Indigenous design elements to be incorporated to the internal design and façade of the building
• Site plan design, submission, and approval

The full proposal, specifications, and property information are included as links to attachments below.

Responses to this RFP are to be submitted by Thursday, October 27, 2022, at 12:00 PM Noon EST in PDF format to bids@oahssc.ca.

An electronic bid submission must still be signed, and the entire proposal must be received in one email. During the proposal period, Consultants are to direct all inquiries (in email only) to Nicholas Cicchini, Urban Planner.

This RFP is also located on our website under Resources > Vendor Portal.

The following are documents needed for this Request for Tender: