At Ontario Aboriginal Housing Services, we go the extra mile to serve our community. During these unprecedented times, we thought it would be great to share what some of our caring team members are doing for the people!

Recently, Brett and Shauna from the Mkaana’aa Wii-giiwe’aad (Finding Their Way Home) program in Sault Ste. Marie made the effort to bring essential food products to the community members we serve, with the help of the Harvest Algoma Food Resource Centre.

All while practicing social & physical distancing, Brett and Shauna did everything from picking up the food from Harvest Algoma, to washing and packaging everything, and dropping it all off to each of our program’s members. They even provided vital COVID-19 information pamphlets so they could stay informed and stay safe!

Beyond the Mkaana’aa Wii-giiwe’aad program, we have spread the word to other agencies in the SSM area to ensure that they are able to secure food for their clients and programs through Harvest Algoma.

There is a huge need for affordable access to healthy foods, especially during these times. We are grateful Harvest Algoma and the United Way stepped up to help bring food security and poverty reduction to the forefront of our community. OAHS serves over 10,000 people in Ontario per day, and this effort is needed everywhere by all members of the community who can help.

Be kind to one another, lend a helping hand, and stay safe.