Ontario Aboriginal Housing Services (OAHS) has been in the process of constructing the organization’s new five-year Strategic Plan with a generous contribution from Community Housing Transformation Centre (the Centre) funding totalling $31,500.

Starting in March of 2020, OAHS began its strategic planning to foster new ideas, create key goals, and respond to the growth of the organization since our previous plan in 2015. Along with a revised mandate and vision, OAHS is looking forward to facilitating departmental goals, enhancing service models, and developing even more affordable housing for Indigenous people living in urban and rural areas of Ontario.

The totality of two years’ worth of planning was thanks in part to the generous grant fund by the Centre. This grant allowed for OAHS to fund external consultants to work with a dedicated team to develop the Strategic Plan, as well as continue to assist in the management and department work plans. This funding also allowed for OAHS to disseminate surveys that were distributed to employees and partner organizations for feedback which was incorporated into strategic planning sessions.

The Centre’s grant application and reporting processes were user-friendly, and their knowledgeable staff were extremely helpful in all aspects of the process. They took the time to discuss this project, provide us with information on all their funding streams and encouraged OAHS to consider applying for other projects.

“The Sector Transformation Fund intrigued me immediately when I saw the word ‘transformation’. It is what OAHS is working towards,” said Peggy Rice, Senior Policy Analyst at OAHS.

Chi Miigwetch to the Centre! We look forward to launching other projects with your assistance and we encourage other organizations to contact the Centre for assistance in moving your projects forward.